What does a day at our Kindy look like?


We arrive to a big welcome from our teachers, we put our bag away in our own locker and put our name up on the name board to show we are here.

First it's Table Time, we get to choose from lots of different activities at the tables - craft, messy play, puzzles, painting or cooking. There is something new every day.

The Tidy Up Song is playing, we help put things away and grab our hats. Then it's time to line up for outdoor Play Time - we have a new playground and a big sandpit, you can build things at the carpentry table, have water play, make a volcano in the sandpit, ride the scooters or push the dolls in their prams with your friends.

The bell rings to come inside for our first Mat Time - this is when we practise our listening and learning skills in a group, just like we will at school one day. We learn days of the week, play number and letter games, sing action songs or have a Te Reo lesson. We also share our news with the class.

In small groups we go to wash our hands for Morning Tea time at the tables with our friends.

After we've put our lunch boxes away the School session has a special group time - in our groups (by age) we learn number recognition and counting, letter formation and an introduction to early reading. The school table are the 10 oldest children at Kindy and they have an activity book and reading book to do at home. This is so we are ready to start school when we turn 5.

The bell rings for our second Mat Time - we learn more about the theme we're exploring this term with stories, songs and activities that are of interest to us.

Is it Lunch Time already? You know what to do now: hand washing, lunch box and choose a seat with your friends at the tables.

After lunch we play a group game all together, sometimes we have running races on the reserve next door, sometimes we play 'doggy, doggy, whose got your bone' outside just to name a few or if it's wet we play an indoor game until our final mat time. Now we share the day's events and recognise our achievements and celebrate Birthdays or Goodbyes. We sing our Goodbye song and wait on the mat until our carer is there to collect us.

This is at 2.45pm.

Wow, what a busy, fun day at Kindy today!

"The kindy school table is excellent for school prep, and Jamie's teacher has commented that the work on pencil grip done at kindy has been helpful"

Would you like to find out more? Please Contact our Head Teacher, Cherie Underwood to arrange a visit.